EXITKEY - is a game in reality, but this reality isn't the same at all to what surrounds us every day.
You appear in a world behind the looking-glass, in prison from where only once was succeeded to run away or in other unusual place. To find a way out, it is necessary to execute the mission: to reveal a secret of the unknown world, to deceive system or to make escape. You have exactly an hour to return to reality.

Test yourself and your team! Leave the room in time! Find your Exitkey!!!

The Shawshank Redemption

ACTION — a new type of active entertainments where participants should perform sports tasks for dexterity, force and speed which will be followed by intellectual riddles. The faster team works, the more chances to escape

Behind the Looking Glass

Plunge at the atmosphere of Game for one hour! Your team needs to find a way out of the room filled with puzzles, riddles and gimmicks. ExitKey offers a quest for those who loves the adventures and non-standard tasks capturing spirit.